the Queen of Dynamic Reformer Pilates

from Utah USA


“The Badass Pilates Collective” Vienna Workshop will be a 1 Day In-person Event 
featuring her favorite Strength and HIIT flows to maximize muscle gain and fat loss.
Learn how to create effective, efficient and creative HIIT & Strength flows that blend together seamlessly and effortlessly  leaving the client feeling empowered and stronger throughout the entire body.
Who is this workshop for?
This workshop was designed specifically for Reformer Pilates trainers, who want to learn new ways of building up a challenging HIIT class.
What is included?
The 5 hour workshop day will consist of 4 new Pilates flows that are designed to accommodate and challenge mixed level classes.
Participants will receive a digit workbook with pictures and pre filmed workshop videos of every flow and full length class videos featuring the workshop flows.
Who will be your trainer?
Tiffany Burke earned her name in Dynamic Reformer Pilates with her creative and challenging flows, which became very popular among all Reformer lovers, who enjoy her classes not only in person, but also online or on Dynamic Pilates TV, that she co-founded and started in 2019.

Tiffany Crosswhite Burke

Tiffany is a former Professional Figure Skater and Competitive Figure Skating Coach

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HERE WE COME: 1020 Vienna, Weintraubengasse 9.