Are you a

fitness professional

looking for the

next level

in your career?

Functional Reformer Teacher Training

You fell in love with the
and dream to learn
how to teach the iconic
Dynamic Style
Reformer Classes?

We got you

For more details and application

The well known London Pilates Academy is bringing their signature Functional Reformer Teacher Training to Vienna this September, and you still have a chance to join in!

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop was designed specifically
for Fitness Professionals
with Fitness Teaching-Based Certificate,
however Reformer

What is included?

– The course contains self-directed learning as well as 4 full days of live, in-studio instruction and 1 day of assessments

– Unlimited access to learner portal with exercise videos and practice classes

– Includes Reformer Sessions Studio access for course participation and assessments

Why this course?

4 days of live instruction

Unlimited access to learner portal with exercise videos and practice classes

Fully accredited by CIMSPA

Course price: £1199

Who will be your trainer?

Neil Dimmock

Neil has over 25 years’ fitness industry experience, managing everything from large corporate gyms to small boutique-style pilates studios.

Neil firmly believes in the key role pilates plays in a well-rounded exercise regime and regards the reformer as a critical part of injury rehabilitation for its ability to allow a client to focus on the alignment of their body whilst engaging important stabilising muscles.

Whatever the exercise method or piece of equipment, Neil is able to pull the best from it.

He believes there is value in a wide variety of fitness disciplines and a benefit in opening ourselves up to new exercise experiences.

HERE WE COME: 1020 Vienna, Weintraubengasse 9.